Reasons to go circular

The list is long! But as a start, we have highlighted a few of the non-arguable reasons why your brand will also want to jump on the circular journey with us.


Enhance and impact your sustainable agenda and brand equity


Increase consumer repeat business plus reach out for new gen Z/millennial consumers


Get margins on the booming resale market, add-on sales and limited cannibalization of your other channels

How it works

Have we peaked your interest? Let us not just tell you but show you just how easy it is.

We’ll take care of..

… the trade-in flow

We have developed the tech that takes care of the full trade in process from consumer to warehouse. It is 100% integrable with your existing webshop so your customers won’t notice us doing the magic in the background. We even have a bulletproof plan for how to notify your customers about the potential trade-in.

… the trade-out flow

Let’s find some new friends for your pre owned items! Our plugin takes care of everything from upload to webshop to final destination at the customer. Your website sets the rules, so your customers will be able to shop pre owned items just as easily as new items.

… the shipping

Our goal is to make your sustainable journey as easy as possible. So apart from all the tech we also take care of all the logistics. That means providing shipping codes, shipping traded in items to our warehouse and back out to new customers. We are on a constant look out for new sustainable shipping possibilities.

… cleaning and handling

Now that we have covered all the practicalities, let’s talk about the final touches. At our warehouse we make sure that every item of clothing is up to your standard. That means assessing the condition, light cleaning so it feels fresh in the hands of its new owner and finally taking high quality pictures for your webshop.

And your brand gets..


Our credit system gives you the opportunity to provide a circular economy option, making your loyal brand friends even more loyal. It gives a clean conscious all the way around - what’s not to like!


We know that it can be expensive and harsh on Mother Earth to love fashion. By using our service you do not only prolong the lifespand of your goods you also send a message to your customers that sharing is caring - and you do care.

Wanna get in touch?

We will love to hear from you, so don’t hold back. Contact us for more information about how we could work together.

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CEO & Co-founder

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CTO & Co-founder

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Executive Chairman & Co-founder

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